Steps to Play Canada Day Lotto

Canada Day Lotto employs a system that is user-friendly and also easy to operate. It is one of the best platforms to experience a lottery without having problems. Setting up your account only takes a couple of minutes. Follow our step-by-step approach to stand a chance of winning €15 million jackpot. To get started, just use your mobile phone, computer or even your tablet and at your own convenience and buy pay for your ticket! Each entry cost €1.50 only.

Select Your Numbers
Select Your Numbers

Selecting your numbers is very simple. From the set of numbers ranging from 1-50 choose your preferred number and from the pool of numbers from 1-5 select your Joker number. However, if you don't trust your instinct you can click the “Quick Pick” button and it will automatically generate numbers for you. You can fill out four boards of numbers per transaction.

Ready to get started? Pick My Numbers

Secure your entries
Secure your entries

If you have decided on the particular numbers you will like to use through your intuition or any other means, then hit the 'Add To Cart' button. You will immediately be redirected to the summary page which will ratify the number of Canada Day Lotto entries you want to purchase, the date of the draw and the total price of the entries you want to buy. Finally, hit the orange pay button to complete your payment. A quick reminder: If your account is not set up before payment you will be asked to create one as it is important.

Wait for Results
Wait for results

Don't worry about constant visiting of the website provided that you are duly registered, your selected numbers are properly stored in your online account. Thus, you will be communicated through our automatic email if you hit the jackpot! Visit our dedicated Prizes page to know more about which other thrilling prizes are available as well as the €15 Million jackpot.

How to receive a Canada Day Lotto prize

To receive your prizes is not a hard nut to crack as your entries are secured online, you don't need to be perturbed about losing your ticket. If peradventure you win any of the prizes, you will immediately receive an automatic email from us. Nevertheless, you can still check the result after the draw to feed your eyes.

Receiving Jackpot prizes

If peradventure you become the latest millionaire through Canada Day Lotto you will be reached by a member of our staff quickly after the draw has taken place. You will be contacted on the phone number you provide when you set up your account.

Our agent will also examine the authenticity of your account by asking you series of questions. He may also request for your ID to confirm your name, age and address. This could be in form of your passport or utility bill. After receiving all the required details from you, verification checks would take place before the prize would be wired directly into your bank account. Please note that it might take up to four weeks for it to be transferred into your account.

Receiving non-Jackpot prizes

If you win one of the three other prizes, you’ll receive these winnings automatically in your online account shortly after the draw. You can then either use your winnings to buy entries for one of the many other games available on the site, or you can withdraw it from your bank account. Once a withdrawal request has been authorized, it can take up to 72 hours for your funds to reach your account.