About The Canada Day Lotto

The Canada Day Lotto is an annually drawn lottery which is open for anybody to take part, try their luck and win the jackpot.
This special draw dedicated to the Canada Day gives all players that enter a fantastic opportunity to win an amazing jackpot of CAD22 million!
Here you can find all of the information you need, from how to play to the different prizes that are available to win and ask all of the important questions that you may have, just select one of the boxes below.

How to Play Canada Day Lotto

You will need to choose six numbers between 1-50 and one Joker Ball between 1-5 to start playing. If you are not sure of which numbers to pick, you can opt for a ‘Quick Pick’ and have a set of random number generated for you by our number generator.

How to play
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Prizes and Rewards

The Prizes in the Canada Day Lotto range from CAD7.50 to the jackpot of CAD22 million. Find out more about all of the prizes that are on offer here.

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Canada Day Lotto Jackpot
€15 Million
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Visit this page to read the frequently asked questions about the Canada Day Lotto.


The Rules of the Game

Here you will find the rules for participating in the Canada Day Lotto and more information such as how to register for your online account.

Lotto Rules