Currency Conversions for Canada Day Lotto Prizes

Canada Day Lotto is solely played online and hence, you do not have any restriction no matter your geographic location, country, or continent. As long as you have an internet-based device you can connect at any time. Be free to participate no matter your currency.

Take a careful look at the table below. You will discover how much each prize is worth in your currency with respect to the Euro amounts in which the Canada Day Lotto is organized.

Canada Day Lotto Currency Payouts
  Prize in CAD (CAD) Prize in Euro (€) Prize in GBP (£) Prize in Rupee (₹) Prize in USD ($)
Match 6 + Joker Ball CAD22,000,000 €15,000,000 £13,300,000 ₹1,300,000,000 $18,000,000
Match 5 + Joker Ball CAD14,700 €10,000 £8,888 ₹888,000 $12,000
Match 4 + Joker Ball CAD147 €100 £88 ₹8,880 $120
Match 3 main numbers CAD7.50 €5 £4.50 ₹444 $6
Price per Entry CAD2.20 €1.50 £1.50 ₹135 $1.80

What's More Awesome? If you just match the lowest tier prize (3 main numbers), it means that you will earn at least triple times your initial stake back. This is remarkable!
Visit the Prizes page for more information about our swift payout system, including the odds of landing a prize at each tier.